27 October 2008

and i would drive 400 miles, i and i would drive 400 more

I'm back home with too many photos, a few pounds gained and already planning my next trip. It has been a week of weather! My list of Munro's remain sorely unchecked, my bike didn't even touch Scottish soil, my scones didn't rise and I managed to get frost nip indoor ice climbing...all in all an excellent holiday!

I'm still in awe of the beauty of the wild mountains of Scotland, I just wish it wasn't quiet so far away. Even my friends who could in no way be described as 'outdoorsy' felt the same about the emotive landscape. They went on sea-faris, Glen Coe 4x4 tours, kept the fire burning and walks around the loch. While we heroically battled blizzards on Ben Nevis and went running in the snow and then the weather got wilder.

To quote the mountain weather forecast "any mobility will be severely restricted"! Luckily our cottage was lovely. The sitting room was warmed by a wood burning fire (that never went out, thanks Bunsty!) With the main feature being a giant window looking out on a loch with Castle Stalker moodily emerging from the central island. Watching the mighty weather became an all consuming past time. I don't think I can ever tire of that view.

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