30 October 2008

tuesday's 5 wood night ride

A clear and cold night, stars bright in the sky and steam coming off our backs. This week we had a couple of hours of singletrack heaven through pine woods and deciduous forests and only about 5 miles of road to get there.

Simon was sporting his new helmet light. A £10 Tesco hand torch special. It's certainly bright but not quiet as bright as my joystick. However, as Chris pointed out the joystick isn't 14 times brighter!!

No photos this week. I was wearing far too many clothes and was still digesting far too much pasta! But how is it possible to have numb toes and fingers and still be dripping in sweat?

*jumbly-as for riding fixie off road, he just does lots of skids and somehow just rides over everything. I don't understand it either!


Richard said...

Riding fixed off road. Easier than you might think.

jumbly said...

I think I might have to invite myself along on of your rides to see this fixed off roading for myself!

kate said...

seeing is believing!!

Chris said...

Once you've tried it you're always yearning for that extra buzz!