11 November 2008


MTB 4 miles 00:38
Exercise Bike 7.5 miles 00:22
Despite glorious weather I've spent most of the day inside. I feel like I've got a sore throat and not wanting to have a "I told you so" conversation I resisted the urge to go for a long ride today. This week is probably going to be a 'creative utility millage' week due to the fell race on Saturday, and really not wanting to get ill.

So today's 'ride' was accompanying Jane on her first run since injuring her leg nearly 3 weeks ago. Her leg is still slightly painful but with a lot of stretching normal service will resume. We were only out for 38 minuets and it was Jane's idea that I should at least finish off the remaining time on the exercise bike!

A dinner of extra spicy dhal and lots of orange juice should help keep the germs at bay. Oh, and Jane has entered us in next years Saunders-ace!


jumbly said...

I've been taking Echinaecea (sp?) all week to keep germs at bay, no way do I want to be ill and it's meant to help the immune system. The Saunders looks a good event, I'm riding the Lakeland Epic that week or I'd have been tempted.

trio said...

I used to take Echinaecea in termtime, no idea if it helps or not but worth a try, just remember you have to take breaks from taking it.

Sounds a good way to get your hour! Ali has already decided I'm going to ride some of her long runs with her!

sarah said...

I hope you stay healthy! Good to take it a little easy this week.

kate said...

just got back from tesco's echinaecea and a massive bag of oranges-thanks for the tips!