11 November 2008

08/09/10 catch up

Being away for the weekend and out all day yesterday means that I have been having serious tinternet withdrawal. Which I guess is a bit sad but I've been really enjoying making virtual blog buddies. Another by product of this challenge, apart from huge amounts of washing. So, the catch up...


MTB No stats today, just a whole day of sketchy, muddy fun
I met up with Rich and 2 of his buddies for some adventure plotting, photo shooting, pint of coffee drinking, pedaling japes.

I've met Rich a few times at 24hr races. Usually he's lapping me, whilst our respective supporters are partaking in gin and tonics. So, it was really good to finally meet up properly and not be a sleep deprived mud covered dribbling wreck...ok, at least I wasn't sleep deprived this time!

See Rich's blog for better photos!

Also, I managed to get to the wall with Gareth last night, despite being nearly 2 hours late-sorry! I had the best session ever. Due to being pretty tired I was really relaxed and just went for the moves and didn't get the fear.

I had such a brilliant day yesterday, I'm still buzzing.


Exercise Bike 22.43 miles 1.00
Driving back from Wales in pretty wild conditions I wasn't looking forward to yet another wet and windy solo night ride. Once we got into Nottingham a lot of the roads near us were actually flooded, only axle deep but still a lot of water around.

Today was the day that I gave in and rode indoors. I can't say it was a quality session at all, but like yesterday it was an exercise in bloody mindedness!


Road Bike 13.5 miles 1:02
07:30 Get up, drive to south Wales for pre birthday family fun
09:30 Have to take a really long diversion due to accident on M50
10:15 Trying really hard not to be annoyed that the sun is shinning and I'm still sat in a car
11:30 Dog walking and ignoring the singletrack at Wentwood
13:30 Lunch-it starts raining
15:30 Getting lost in Cardiff-now very windy as well
16:45 Birthday present shopping-thanks mum!
19:00 Lovely pub dinner-notice weather is getting worse
22:15 Head out for a ride...
23:17 Question why I am doing this


jumbly said...

Your ride of the 8th shows some serious hardcore commitment, I know I'd have scratched it! Well done!

trio said...

Wow heading out at 22:15 that is impressive!!! Still can't work out which model bike it is, the valour? Oh and do those tyres have knobbles!

Exercise bike counts, loads of people use turbos etc! I have to say that I'm not sure I could last an hour, I'm not very good on machines that go nowhere!

sarah said...

I'll feel better about using the trainer, if it comes to that, later this month ;) Very cool pic of the group ride. You are a die hard riding so late and through mud puddles too!!

kate said...

essentially an exercise in complete stubbornness-if only i could harness it for good!
i think there will be more indoor sessions as the month goes-sadly
trio-i've just looked it's called a virtuoso, skinny tyres 2006 model