21 November 2008


Road Bike
11.16 miles 1:02
After having a nasty twilight/early shift combination I was feeling pretty tired after work this afternoon but the sky was a beautiful deep red and promised good photos! How wrong could I be. 20mins in and I had to abort the ride due to freezing hail and strong winds. I was woefully under dressed and lost the feeling in both hands and feet. Manged to get home, remove all wet clothes, put heating on, climb into bed and wait pitifully for Jane!

I was surprised that I was actually out for an hour, I thought it was much less. Anyway, all warm and toasty now and looking forward to some daylight rides over the weekend.


jumbly said...

Yep a right cold snap coming our way, merino wool time.

trio said...

You mean you haven't had the merino wool out already?

It was hard hard today! You did well to get out! We have an old sleeping bag downstairs for the get in and curl up moments!

sarah said...

Seems like we are dealing with similar temps, but I haven't had hail yet! Yikes! I guess the bike helmet must protect you from that a bit ;)

Groover said...

Even here in Brisbane we had tennis ball size hail yesterday! Figure that! You are hard-core. Hope you didn't get sick.

kate said...

glad to hear that everyone is having awful weather-sometimes i take it quiet personally!

trio said...

If it is bad in Australia in their summer what chance do we have?