25 November 2008


erm......this is the absolute truth....I completely forgot about the challenge until 22:30 and by then I was tucked up in bed.

Had a really good run to work, missed a pb by 10 seconds, I then went to the climbing wall and ended up staying for a little over 3 hours. After that I had to get to Asda before it shut to purchase (yet more) Benylin as Jane now has the lurgy.

I can't believe riding didn't even enter my head until it was too late and I just couldn't face getting out of bed and on to the exercise bike. I wish I had the level of motivation of Sarah. She would never forget! These missing hours are mounting up, there's going to be one hell of a ride on (Deficit) Friday!


jumbly said...

Ha see you turn 30 and go all old and forgetful!

kate said...

who are you? ;)