23 November 2008


Road Bike
18.11 miles 1.27
Manged the pub without any booze and crept off to make the most of the remaining sunshine. Yet another new lane was discovered and added to the ever growing repitore of rides. Most of the pedal was spent contemplating which is worse, persistent head wind or ferocious side wind?

On returning home I was presented with (another) birthday cake. A lovely pecan and coffee, three layer construction of surgery goodness, hand baked by Jane. A hot shower (sorry Jumbly!), followed by tea and cake and Sunday afternoon tv. I love being 30!


jumbly said...

We have water again now, the plumbing difficulties are behind us! That cake looks seriously good. Glyn made me chocolate rice krispie cakes for after my race yesterday.

sarah said...

I think gusty side winds are worse than headwinds because you have to keep adjusting to try to hold your line. I so want a piece of that cake!!!

kate said...

i agree, gusty side winds are worse. i need more cake as ballast!!