28 December 2008

back to work

This is my second day back and the start of a 7 day stretch-christmas is well and truly over, bah humbug. This year christmas day had the potential for an Eastenders stylee faaaamily get together. However, there were no actual tears and no actual arguments. In fact we all had a rather good time, despite the over cooked turkey. Boxing day was spent at the in-laws where this year I chose to spectate during the annual whiskey tasting competition. A wise decision as there were 15 whiskeys and 5 brandys and I had to be at work early the following day. I still don't fully understand the scoring system, it seems to get more complex as the evening progresses. But the important thing to remember is that by midnight Peter had won.

In between mince pies I met up with Simon (with added tinsle) for a blast around Cwmcarn. Another trail centre but this one does have some hills and some fantastic views. Despite struggling on a few of the ups it was a great rocky, rooty ride. I also managed to get on christmas day with my brother to Wentwood forest for some more singlespeed fun. The dogs came along too, which added another dimension of technicality. Not only that, I managed two runs. All be it short but one road and one trail. Yes I am being smug but in all honesty that hasn't come anywhere near to burning off the extra calories that have been consumed.


jumbly said...

Sounds like you had a good Christmas, I can totally relate to the potential for Eastenderesque conflict, it's why we had Christmas at home by ourselves! Excellent that you got out riding and running. Sorry you're already back at work.

sarah said...

You fit a lot of fun and adventure into a week! That is a lot of whiskey to get through, LOL! I'll bet that was highly entertaining to watch!

trio said...

Sounds like a good Christmas, I'm not mentioning how much I have had to eat in the last few days. Oh and how much chocolate we have been sent home with, the weight is just piling on!