31 December 2008

last (night) ride of the year

I suffered with the cold, I suffered with the distance and I now realise how unfit I've become. Despite this I really enjoyed what Chris descried as a "leisure ride". No real hills to speak of, just lots of wide bridleway and forest trails. There's nothing technical about this route but sometimes it's good to just go for a ride. A steady pace of constant pedal spinning.

Chris' new hip flask made a welcome appearance but despite supping whiskey my cockles remained decidedly cold. Our camlebacks had completely frozen and extremities were always on the verge of numbness. However, the most unpleasant aspect of the ride was the journey back from Chris' house. Negotiating my way through town I discovered that Nottingham had been taken over by scantily clad drunken teenagers. All intent on staggering and shouting their way into my path. It was like riding though a late night episode of Hollyoaks.

Some 34 singlespeed miles later it took me a good hour or so to properly thaw out. If this is anything to go by 'puffer is going to well and truly break me.


jumbly said...

Love that pic of your helmet all frosty. Good 'puffer training!

Chris said...

Twas a big ride in the end especially for you with the commute to my house.

We did do some extra mileage on to of my usual 'leisure ride' round south nottingham. Sorry about the leisure tag - it's a pretty big ride all told - I've done it so many times you ease into it and it doesn't feel as extreme as it actually is!

Thought the ride home would be hard after that!

Tis very good training tho.

That's my hat btw jumbly - Kate was getting very close with the camera and slightly scaring me!


sarah said...

Brrr! Very hardcore =)