01 December 2008

bonus day...kinda

Woke up a 05:50, ran the 4.7 miles to work, had a quick wash in the disabled toilets, gobbled a banana, made a round of drinks and was logged on by 07:00. I'm now back at home as they want me to come back and do the night shift.

That means if the post arrives today I'll get to finish 'the project' and be able to do christmas shopping/job application tomorrow, oh and maybe get a ride in today. All I need to do now is stay awake for 26 hours.

edit at 12:20
Faffed around with iphoto and prepared tonights tea. The blue sky has disappeared and the sun is no longer shinning, think I'll pedal indoors and try and do some home made spin session. Still no post.


trio said...

That happen a lot? I think I would be asleep if I tried to work a night shift, hope the postie comes!

kate said...

we get offered it a lot but i rarely say yes-thought it might work in my favour today/tomorrow

trio said...

Hope they pay you more!!!


jumbly said...

When you run to work do you run with a backpack? If so what to you use?

kate said...

i use an old karrimor 20lt. it's really comfy and snug to wear. having a shortish back i have difficulties getting 'sacs to fit. not sure if it's made anymore