15 December 2008

cakes and baubles

Yesterday christmas officially arrived in our house. Jane came to pick me up from work and I had to sit side-saddle with the christmas tree all the way home. The evening was spent drinking brandy, decorating said tree and present wrapping. There was also a lot of "it didn't seem that big next to all the others" talk.

I also made a christmas cake. Not one of those that take months and requires skill and patients. It was essential a boil and bake but being a Nigella it tastes fantastic. Whilst this was boiling and baking Jane artfully rolled out icing and put the finishing touches on her cake. You can never have too many cakes in our house!


sarah said...

Very festive! That looks like a big tree! I always crave cake after stopping by your blog...guess I'd better do some baking soon =)

trio said...

Looks just the right size to me, I'm a big fan of tall trees! Sounds like a nice evening.

Julbags said...

Mmm cake! I need to decorate mine this week. As I love marzipan I'm going to have a go at making it but I'm not fussed about icing so its ready rolled all the way. I have no real skill in the cake decorating field and always end up with lots of tears and creases in the icing - so I stick lots of other things on it to hide the bodges!