15 December 2008

waiting for the plumber

I was supposed to be at work today but had a last minuet shift change. Jane had had to take the day off to wait for the plumber. The plumber arrived on time and took less than 10 minuets to complete the job. A spare afternoon...

The sun was shining and Sherwood Pines was calling. After a brief skills lesson Jane is now able to ride standing up and the improvement in her ability is massive. We road for nearly 4 hours and didn't see another biker, we had the place to ourselves. Managing again to ride new trails and hardly ever touching the fire roads.

Then it was home for tea and christmas cake, and bike washing in the dark. A great bonus day that makes up for missing yesterdays planed ride.


ultra collie said...

sounds like a perfect afternoon!
btw..sod secreterial work or whatever..your photography is bob on..you should do it for a living!

kate said...

thanks! haven't heard from them so i guess it's back to the drawing board!