12 December 2008

don't fear the cold

Firstly warm feet rule! This was the first ride since August where I have had warm feet for the whole ride. It was -1 outside but I was toastie and smug. Secondly singlespeeds rule! I felt so much faster. I don't know if I actually was but that doesn't matter 'cos I felt like a speed demon!

This is partly due to the extreme racing whippet set up. I'm probably going to change either the bars to slight riser ones or change the stem to give me a less stretched out position. By the end of the ride by neck was a little achy but it's worth it for such a cool looking bike!!

Ice was smashed, biscuits consumed, drinks turned to cold slush and there was more peeing on rear hubs, just the average ride for this time of year.


trio said...

My night rides have never involved peeing on hubs, must be a southern thing ;) I'm sure I'm faster on my singlespeed as well, defiently feels it!

kate said...

not southern, just a man thing! or so it would appear

trio said...

Odd creatures!