01 December 2008

i call her blackie

Is it ok to name bikes.....?

Just got back from the bank, had to come home as I found leaving Blackie locked up outside too stressful-I've had 3 bikes stolen in last 2 years. So, only a very short ride but first impressions are very good. I feel like I'm 12 again and razzing about on my bmx, ace!

It's so light and nippy, even compared to Roadie (oh dear I've said it out loud!). I am going to have to alter a few things though. The original front break is just a bit of retro accessorizing at the moment, it barely slows me down. I've got a v-break to put on, just waiting for a noodle. Now that just sounds weird! Also, the flat pedals hurt my corns! I've got some knobbly-er tyres and a lighter handle bar to put on, oh and I'll probably remove the reflectors too!

Can't wait for tomorrows night ride in the woods.


jumbly said...

Proper old skool look you've goin' on there with your Vans too, love it! Razzing about is what singlespeeds are best at. Have fun in the woods tomorrow, don't let those boys try and convince fixed and off road is a good combo!

sarah said...

Very cool looking! Have fun tomorrow! Looking forward to reading about your first off road adventure with Blackie.