03 December 2008

all bunged up

After post-tastic bonus Monday, I spent all of bonus Tuesday in bed. I have managed to catch yet another cold. This one is slightly different in that it is making my eyes leak and all of my muscles ache. My quads feel like they've been ripped apart.

Tuesday's nightride has been postponed until Thursday, so between now and then I'm doing nothing apart from replacing my fluid loss, "the things I do to re-hydrate my skin"-what, like drinking water!!

The forecast is looking good for Thursday, we might even have snow. I was very jealous of Trio's winter wonderland adventure yesterday.


jumbly said...

Nuun tablets, citrus flavour, they're my top tip for rehydration, or fizzy vimto, that's maybe not as "pro" as Nuun but it sure is yum.

Get well soon!

Julbags said...

You really have my sympathy, I think one is trying to get a hold of me too. My office is just full of circling germs and people that insist on coming into work when they shouldn't. I've been using the anit-bac hand gel and hitting the multivits and zinc in a bid to keep it away. Hope your clears up asap.

trio said...

we have snow forcast overnight so I'm hopeful for another adventure tomorrow!

Hope you get rid of this cold, it is the time of year for them unfortunately!

sarah said...

I hope the rest and fluids have you feeling better soon!!!

kate said...

thanks for the sympathy-it's so frustrating!