06 December 2008


Woke up to a beautiful winters day, perfect for Blackie's inaugural ride. We decided a couple of hours at Sherwood Pines would be excellent testing ground. I now realise that singlespeeds are made for tight, twisty, forest singletrack. It was a totally different sort of ride, more of a full body workout than normal and certainly more quiet! I could have stayed for the rest of the day, weaving in and out of trees and wheel spinning on the short, sharp climbs. However, considering neither of us are in full health Jane made the decision that going home before we're completely wasted would be a wise choice. She's normally right about most things.

I still feel a bit coughy so have made the decision not to run tomorrow but go out on the club ride instead. Unfortunately I don't feel brave enough for one gear.


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Singlespeeds are made for any type of riding, they rock!

It took me ages to be brave enough to go on a ride with geared riders and I've still only done it on my local trails, but I'm sure you'll be doing it soon!