08 December 2008

NATS-Cromford ride

Ride Stats:
20 miles
4.5 hours
17 riders
4 punctures, including one of mine
2 frozen rear hubs.
1 mended rear hub, using the peeing method. Not mine
1 acrobatic face plant into cow dung
1 telling off from a farmer
1 very, very long climb
1 excellent chocolate cake

Simon did a sterling job of keeping the merry band of riders together, through thick and thin! This was a day of frosty, icy fun and well worth braving the cold for.


jumbly said...

Were you on a footpath when you got told off? You need Trio with you when that happens she has a really good "honestly we didn't know" face and voice.

kate said...

no, we weren't even on a foot path. Just someone's land! totally by accident but chris and tim were very diplomatic about the lack of sign-age ;)