03 December 2008

oranges and singlespeeds

Blackie is ready to go, no more fettling needed! New bars on, front brake working and pedals that don't hurt. Well, that's until I realise that singlespeeding is ace and really Blackie deserves a more 'bling' build!! Can't wait for Thursday's night ride.

Thanks to Chris and his Miss Marple skills, he's uncovered Blackie's heritage. Possibly a '93/94 vintage. Now where can I buy those black jerseys with oranges on?!


jumbly said...

Can Miss Marple come round here and find our wheelie bin, it's gone missing? Some good detective skills there to track down the lineage of your bike, will you be fitting very retro gold bar ends?

sarah said...

Cool! Nice to have a bike detective friend!

kate said...

chris is very good and very cheap ;)
re: bar ends. when i got the frame it came with a box of bits that also included some silver 'x-lite' stubbie bar ends, do you remember those?!

Julbags said...

Jez has one of the tops you mean, he still wears it occasionally though he really shouldn't! He doesn't quite have a six pack these days (more a large one pack!). Not sure where you'd get hold of a small one though.