17 December 2008

with grim determination

After a long run of cold crisp night rides we've been due a wet one. Despite Chris' offers of mince pies it was only the pair of us that ventured out. About 2 hours in and I'd reached saturation point. There was no purpose in trying to avoid gloopy puddles or worrying about the cake in my side pocket.

Both of us had Mayhem flash backs, but at least we were still riding. The rain eased just enough for a brandy and cake stop but the mud was relentless. How can a substance be so wet and slimy yet made entirely of grit. The nights silence was punctuated by the grinding screeching of my brakes. The noise they make bares no correlation to their stopping power!

Stood in the back garden, last night, cleaning my bike down, in the cold and wet I had a perverse sense of satisfaction. Or was it just an excuse for more cake?


trio said...

This is where having a singlespeed is great, takes hardly anytime to clean, just a quick go at brakes, chain etc and you are done! Frames are unimportant when it comes to cleaning!

Mince Pies, I'd have come!

Oh and you have to come and ride rivington to understand the real brake wrecking tendency of grit, its worse than anywhere I have ridden!

kate said...

i know what you mean. it took longer to clean me than the bike!
that sounds like a brake wrecking challenge-maybe in the new year? i'll bring mince pies ;)

trio said...

Yes well you had to bring some form of cake! We can have a singlespeed ride, now Jumbly has hers sorted again. Although we might have to let Ali ride gears if she wants to join us seeing as she only has the one mountain bike ;)

kate said...

what! only one! ok, but she has choose one gear and stick with it ;)

trio said...

I can just imagine what she would say if I suggested that! Well she has an old one that she commutes on but the forks are falling to pieces and it'd probably die if you took it off road now!

Some people do only have actually one bike though, can you imagine?

sarah said...

Only one bike?! It's not possible!!

I am such a wimp! I skipped the worst of the mud and water on my ride today! You deserve a whole cake to yourself =)

Groover said...

Nice decription of your ride.

"The nights silence was punctuated by the grinding screeching of my brakes."

I like it!

Enjoy your cake. :-)

kate said...

thanks groover!
much cake has been consumed between then and now :)