01 January 2009

reset the counters

Things didn't really go to plan this morning. Instead of running into work, and starting as I mean to go on, I had a frustrating snooze-off with the alarm clock. Ended up driving in. Spent the first half of the shift desperately trying to ignore the tin of Quality Street and the second half giving in to the intense boredom of office life and surcoming to the chocolate treats.

However, I did manage a 3.5miler after work, which is about half a mile for every sweet. So the balance is almost resumed. I'm definitely running in tomorrow. Definitely.


trio said...

You managed to only eat 7 sweets? I had loads yesterday and did nothing! I feel lazy now!

jumbly said...

If it's half a mile per sweet, I'm a long way in deficit to burn off all I've eaten over the festive period!

kate said...

after today i've scrapped the half a mile per sweet theory ;)