02 January 2009

so, here's the plan...

My only resolution is to get a new job, then the rest will follow...

I hope to enter more local(ish) fell races this year, particularly the mid week summer events. There's also a few classic AL races in the Lakes that I hope to get an entry for. Also on my radar is the Vasque Ultra Series. As for climbing and biking I just hope to do more. Trio's challenge should help with that.

However, my main aim for this year...I don't even know if I can type it, it seems almost arrogant to even assume I can attempt it. Particularly considering my current condition and navigational prowess. But I hope with a bit of clever cross training and a lot of bloody mindedness that by the end of June I'll be in a position to have a go at the Bob Graham Round.

There, I've said it. It's official. Better start getting the mileage/ascent in. And even more importantly, planning some trips to the Lakes for some long days out on the fells. Anyone care to join me?


jumbly said...

Wow! Go girl! I'll happily to some training runs with you and if I can be of any support for the BG I will, even if it's just pot noodle making in the middle of the night.

Simon Anderson said...

Mine hasn't arrived yet. I'm brimming with envy!

I would love to help you with your BGR.

Just get in touch if you require the support.

Best wishes,


The Sunday Adventure Club said...

Brilliant! Go for it! Hope to see you at some Vasques too


Groover said...

I wish you a happy and adventurous 2009. Good luck with the job hunt!

What's the Bob Graham Round?

trio said...

Wow that is a challenge and a half. Good luck, I'll be following your training with interest.

trio said...
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kate said...
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kate said...

thanks guys, i will be calling in those favours ;)

hi simon-yeh i think i got a bit over excited when it popped through the door :)

groover- the bgr is a circular running route around some of the highest hills and most spectacular views in the lake district. about 72 miles with 27,000 feet of ascent (off road of course!). the challenge is to complete it in under 24hrs. first completed by bob graham in 1932. a grand day out :)

Anthony said...

whay hey yo have put it in print now!

Also the runfurther series on your radar too. Busy year for you!

I am thinking my first recce for me will be Feb, then at least monthly till May. Either April or May will be full weekend, full route with bivi/bothy stop. Just need to get rid of niggling injury first.

As said before happy for the company, especially if you bring cake! Also happy to support although I may get you to return the favour so be warned!

ultra collie said...

a BGR! How brilliant.
And some more ultras!
Never mind work with all that fun.

kate said...

anthony-thanks...i'll certainly be in touch. looks like you've got a lot planned as well

happy new uc and charlie. maybe see you at the wye ultra?