03 January 2009

1/12 century a month challenge (metric)

I had to do this ride either today or on the 31st and for once in my life I didn't leave things until the last minuet. That doesn't mean that this was a very well planed ride though.

Today was also the first chance in 7 days to have a lie in. So there was no early start and since the road bike hadn't been used since November there was a small amount of faff before setting off. I had a vague idea of where I was heading. Mainly towards a cafe stop (Sherwood Pines) and then back home. However, when I got to half a mile from home I still had at least 8 miles to do. I couldn't quiet remember the conversion of 100km to miles but had an idea that it was less than 65 but more than 60.

The last 8 miles were spent riding up and down the ring road-the flattest and smoothest road near my house. Before I brought the bike inside Jane confirmed that 62.38 miles was just over the century. Next time I'm going to put more thought into the planning stage. I don't want to end up riding along busy roads at dusk when I'm pretty much spent.

100.39km 1550m climbed 23kph Ave.


jumbly said...

Well done on getting your first one done!

Groover said...

Well done, Kate. One down, 11 to go. :-)

sarah said...

Yay!! Great Job, Kate!

trio said...

Nice one, love that you hadn't checked quite how far you had to go ;)

Link is on my blog.

Now rest your legs for monday!

jonathan said...

Well done Kate. - Yey

I made a mess of planning the route too and had to add on an extra 10km. I had no excuse though, I had my garmin set in km's for the ride.

I've just realised this is the first time i've posted on here. (In fact I think it might be the first time i've read your blog!)

kate said...
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kate said...

thanks! glad it's ticked off and the weather looks like it's taking a turn for the worse
hi jon :)