21 February 2009

not in the training plan

The sun had been glaring off my computer screen all day. I'd been feeling a little guilty about not running yesterday and ending up in the pub instead. So I was a little hungover or maybe just tired but I'd resolved that as soon as I finished work I'd be fartlek-ing around the woods. Well, that didn't happen either....

A sunny day makes you do strange things.

We decided to go for a walk.

Not our usual kind that involves driving 150 miles then donning waterproofs and eating dried fruit.

No, we just had a slow meander around and about.

Coffee was drunk, flowers were noticed and a ride on the Nottingham Eye was had.

I even managed to get a steak dinner.

I couldn't have planned it better.


jumbly said...

Sounds like a perfect day!

sarah said...

I love days like that, no expectations/plans, but good things happen all on their own! Cool pic from the eye too!

ultra collie said...

go with the flow. cool. didn't know you had an eye in notts..nice piccie!

Groover said...

That's my 'training' at the moment, too. Except that I was hung over from red wine.

kate said...

groove-glad to hear that you're following my foolproof training plan too ;)

uc-i'm certainly going with the flow at the moment! the eye is a temporary thing, think it travels and the becomes the stoke eye etc!

Red Bike said...

That sounds a much better way to enjoy the day than killing yourself running!

Just one thing missing, where's the cake!

kate said...

i knew there was something missing ;)