23 February 2009

an other interview

"what skills could you bring to this post?" Why did my mind go blank? It's not as if this is a surprise question at interviews. I'm so frustrated with myself. What an idiot.

Anyway, I've nearly finished two more applications, both of which are for jobs that I would actually like to do. As apposed to jobs which aren't as bad as the one I have.

And I didn't run to work, or during work or even after work yesterday. We did visit our friends though. Who have the most beautiful little baby girl. Marlie is an ace little bundle of comedy faces and noises. She brought a smile to my face and maybe even a little tear.

Off to work soon. Tomorrow is another day.


trio said...

My mind goes blank at that question even when I've thought about it!

Hope the job search is fruitful soon!

Red Bike said...

"what skills could you bring to this post....?"

'I will bring in loads scrum-didly-umshush cakes and I make a mean cup of tea'

(I suspect there might be a better answer for the types of jobs you're apply for though)

Best of luck with the job hunt!

kate said...

thanks both-having my own tea and cake to make up for it

jumbly said...

That sort of question sucks, sign of a lazy interviewer if you ask me, and if they can't be bothered to ask interesting and inspiring questions at interview they'll be no fun to work for, you don't want their job, it'll be pooh!

kate said...

i'm sure you're right ;) it's better than "what 3 words would your friends use to describe you?" arrrh! which i was asked for my current job-i should have realised there and then!!

ultra collie said...

'what skills....post' - interviewee

'a knocker' - kate (as in post knocker)

'knock knock' - kate

'who's there' - interviewee

silence (as kate pedals away from dull interviewee as fast as her legs will go)

ultra collie said...

no more posts. are you ok?

kate said...

thanks for you concern uc, normal service will resume :)