14 February 2009

wig out

What would be the perfect preparation for a 100 mile ride?

How about spending the night before, the night before celebrating a friends birthday-wigs mandatory, fancy dress optional. I went for a wig and 'tash combo with no fancy dress, Jane chose normal clothes and a giant fake beard. It was a great night, everyone had made the effort, particularly the birthday boy! His cake has to been seen to be believed. All I can say is that his mum is some kind of unbalanced cake baking genius. (pictures on flickr soon!)

We managed to sneak off before things got too messy and used our Glenmore Lodge navigation skills to find our way across Greenwich at 3am. Not wanting to miss the 'continental breakfast' we were up by 9 and I was on my second croissant by 9:15.

The afternoon was spent meeting up with Lizzy and indulging in a bit of culture at The National Portrait Gallery. And I might of had some cheese cake as well.

Now all I have to do is put some pedals on the road bike and get a map out.


jumbly said...


trio said...

My prepartion involved two bottles of wine between two last night, now sat here drinking lots of water before getting ready to leave!!! Remember it'll be fun!!!

sarah said...

Hilarious pic! Sounds like a great party and I want to see the cake!

Red Bike said...

Looking good. That Tash suits you!

kate said...

obscene cake photos now on flickr