15 February 2009

2/12 century a month challenge (metric!)

Today's question is, how far would you cycle for a piece of cake? Trio came up with the notion that a 100 mile round trip would probably be about the right distance.

We both set off from our respective houses with the aim of meeting in Edale for refreshments. Fortunately my route is much less hilly than hers. So I arrived early which meant that I had longer to satisfy my appetite!

The ride itself was very uneventful and not particularly interesting. A lot of dull flat tarmac until you get to the Peaks. The road through Chatsworth was especially lovely, almost like riding on a closed road.

The main item of interest which kept my mind occupied for most of the day was the sighting of a dog wearing a nappy! This was in a built up residential area near the start of my ride. Said dog was on a lead and being taken for a walk. It paused at a lamp post and cocked it's leg. I didn't see what happened next but it did raise a few questions. Did the nappy have a 'wee hole'? Do dogs understand the concept of a nappy? Was the dog ill? Or the owner really lazy? Surely cleaning a dog after using a nappy is worse than just picking up the turd? Where do you purchase dog nappies? As you can see, I had a lot of time to think today!

174.74km 1778.81m climbed 27.6kph Ave.

* Trio-I'm not ready to officially move up to the imperial challenge just yet!


ebygomm said...

Pretty good going! I keep thinking it might be nice to ride to the peak and then I remember that it's not really interesting until you get there so far easier to drive and then ride.

jumbly said...

You seem to be doing imperial centuries!? Trio will be moving you up in the challenge stakes whether you like it or not ;0)

trio said...

How fast!!! I feel really slow now! Loved the adventure, next time off-road ;)

Red Bike said...

I definately feel slow now.

btw, I don't count 1778m of climbing as flat!

chris said...

Now that's training!

Well done!

See you for backwards Strelley on weds - city hosp at 7!

sarah said...

Great pace!!
I am jealous that you ride in such beautiful places! I've recently seen that 'house' in The Duchess and remember it from Pride and Pred. too.

kate said...

ok, since ya'll seem to be impressed with ave. speed i've checked it again...i may have under estimated how long it took me to complete the whole ride. garmin stopped working after 4.5hrs. So lets just say that the route look a little less than 7hrs. ave. speed more like 15mph than 17mph. Sorry ;)

ebygomm-you're so right! i think i'll try it again but go up to ollerton and then across

trio said...

I feel a little less slow, but not much!

Red Bike said...

Still an impressive average speed what with photo stops and all these Edale hills.

ultra collie said...

i reckon 100miles deserves a full cake at least
the nappy thing..err.err.i'll consult my 4 legged mate and see what he makes of it all