31 March 2009

backwards sunshine ride

Unusually I met up with Chris in the daylight for a reverse ride of one of our regular night routes. I never realised how litter strewn and urban much of the route is. CCTV cameras and warehouses where I'd imagined thick woods and wilderness. The sticky mud has turned to rock hard lumps. The riding would be fast if my legs were up to it.

Chris very kindly let me witter on about the Skyline and fed me home made tea loaf. There should be a cycling rule that states whenever a puncture occurs, cake should be produced from ones bag.

Blue skies and dusty trails, it certainly feels like spring has sprung. We even managed an official cake stop, sitting outside in the sunshine. Yes, that's two cakes in one ride. Things aren't that bad after all!


Julbags said...

I like the cake/puncture rule, unfortunately from here on in its going to be a midge/puncture rule! (I grew up on east of Scotland so have no real immunity to midges (apart from a friend they like more than me - which is the best midge strategy ever!)).

You will need to get the very long and tough race out of your legs, I completely underestimated what effect my half marathon would have on my legs, much to my cost. It takes a couple of weeks to get back at it.

Well done, you were not "powerwalking" in that picture!

sarah said...

Sounds like the trail is a bit nicer at night when you feel out in the wilderness, but at least you got to feel the sunshine and see the grass greening up and other signs of spring! Love the cake for puncture stops idea!!

kate said...

julbags-there flies were certainly out yesterday! thanks for your words of encouragement :)

sarah-you're right but weirdly it also feels twice as long in the dark!