01 April 2009

march in numbers

It's been a strange old month. Book ended by 2 races both of which have left me with mixed feelings. The Wye race spurred me on where as the Skyline, the race I'd actually been looking forward to, has left me with nothing but questions and doubts.

Looking back though I've significantly improved on February, the less said about that the better! The things I need to work on are speed and core, and I should probably cut down slightly on the sugary treats. I'll let the numbers speak for themselves and put this funny mood down to being a bit pre-menstrual!!

151.53 miles run
62% Off road
34,636ft of ascent
236.36 miles ridden, with 23,449ft of climbing
1 metric (EPIC) century. An ace adventure
1 rim destroyed
0 applications completed but I do have an interview date in April
1 rejection letter
1 interview not attended after I asked some probing questions about the shift pattern!
2 bgr legs recce'd
1 toe nail about to fall off
Numerous supportive comments from other bloggers-thank you.

Cake of the month: a tough one this month, with many strong contenders. But there can only be one winner...Jane's never ending apple crumble


Simon Lewis said...

Hi, Just found your blog. Very entertaining. Thanks. I'm not much of a mountain biker (I'm a roadie) but love the running stuff. I thought the Edale Skyline looked great. I loved looking through your Todo list as I've never heard of any of them and I've added some of them to my list for next year.

The Sunday Adventure Club said...

Well done on Edale, be patient with the training sometimes it takes a while for it to come together... stick with it!!

Anthony said...

Hey, questions and doughts are the motivation to keep training are they not? If you had no question that you can do it then you have no motivation.

Oh and don't forget the cake of the month for our bike ride! Then you can lay off the sugary stuff.

kate said...

hi simon, thanks :) just had a look at your blog-will be checking back on your progress, that's one big ride ;)
SAC-thanks for the support
anthony-i get the hint, we'll ride together in april ;)...i feel a challenge coming on....TRIO!

Groover said...

Hey Kate, sorry to read that it's not so rosy on the job front. Hope you are ok. Good mileage though. And don't skip the cake. The cake is so you ... mmmhhh Apple Crumble!

Donkarlo said...

Hi Kate

Good effort in March keep it up, enjoying your blog, thanks for following me also.
I also like cake (does grasmere gingerbread count as cake?)