11 March 2009

rescue ride

Last night I pedaled the gauntlet across town to Chris' house for his first ride since little Owen was born 9 days ago. I felt like an extra in BMX Bandits trying to keep up with the boys on their fixies. They rode like men possessed, manically weaving, hopping curbs and skidding corners. Or men that have recently seen that Charge video!

Another lactic thigh burning paced ride, with only short pauses for whiskey and haribo. Our longest stop, however, involved a sheep, some tasty looking grass and a wire fence with a very small hole. Once said sheep had been rescued from its on stupidity we continued on our way.

Some 30 miles later as I'm stood peeling mud covered lycra off my body I wonder how many other people need to get undressed in the bath at 10.30 on a Tuesday night? Not enough was the conclusion I came to.


Julbags said...

I loved that film as a kiddy. I had a BMX with bright yellow wheels, though couldn't do any tricks (and still can't).

30 miles for an evening ride is some going!

trio said...

30miles on a night ride! Wow I think I'd done a reasonable road ride at that distance!

I'm not allowed upstairs to strip in the bath I get as far as the kitchen! No dragging the mud upstairs. I actually think if we didn't live on a main road ali would have me stripping at the door - I already have to take as much as I can off there!

Red Bike said...

Thanks to you and Trio i've just fitted a single speed sprocket to my MTB.

And a new fixed gear cyclo-x bike is likely to be on order shortly!

kate said...

jb-i always wanted skyway wheels, you must have been really cool :)
trio-don't worry it's a pretty flat route. and jane was asleep...she doesn't know about the bath thing!

ultra collie said...

sadly i too have to disembark my clarty gear at the back door and peg it upstairs...you have it good!

Chris said...

I managed to clog the plughole with mud after the ride - shorts a bit optimistic maybe.

I have to strip in the front porch and hope the frosted glass covers my modesty :-0

kate said...

too many images in my brain ;)