29 April 2009

can you guess what it is yet

Look what arrived in the post today....however, as a certain person (trio) pointed out to me there's not been much mention of running of late and as I don't yet have everything to build it up, it's going to stay were it is for a few more days.

I was hoping to get to the lakes tomorrow for a big day out along the route but after looking at weather forecasts I'm having second thoughts. It's a long way to go to get lost and come home again. Maybe I could go to Derbyshire instead...whatever happens it's going to involve trainers and no wheels.

ps....if anyone comes across some pace carbon forks let me know!


Red Bike said...

I don't understand how you can leave it in the box. Have you not even sneaked a peak?


trio said...

It's raining here today, hoping it stops before my ride later but we'll see.

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

what colour did you get?

i had to leave my hardtail and little bleu in it's box for a few months before i had all the parts to build them up. its torture but well worth the wait when you get to ride them for teh first time.

Iain said...

It's dry and a bit breezy in the NE lakes this morning. Looking at metcheck they say it should be tippling down. I think they always give the worse possible case. Happy to meet up in a few weeks for a run.

Chris said...

Is the headset on?

Should have gone for pink!


Maybe not :-)

If you need help building / playing let me know.

kate said...

redbike-now unpacked and sitting on the sofa!
pp-stealth black of course
iain-think i was looking for an excuse anyway :(
chris-pls help!