01 May 2009

april in numbers

...should have run yesterday, didn't.....stats are well down...

0 bgr legs reccie'd
0 job applications completed
1 unsuccessful interview, not as cringe worthy as the last though
1 breakdown in TK Max
986 miles driven. I don't drive for work! The miles were for family, friends and fells
93.5 miles ran
29187ft of uphill-ness
199.35 miles biked, 15319ft of uphill pedaling
1 'controversial' metric century
1 new frame brought
3 lindt bunnies eaten
1000's of excuses...
1 impending announcement

cake of the month-Hilary's scones


Jo said...

yeah, yeah, number schnumbers... what's the announcement?! good i hope!

jumbly said...

Impending announcement, intriguing?

Red Bike said...

"cake of the month-Hilary's scones"
I'm determined that my chocolate cake will win this award next month.

My century has been missed off Trios list so I think i've failed for this month too.

kate said...

whoops, announcement wasn't meant to sound exciting....

redbike-i'll hold you to that!

sarah said...

I can't wait to see that new frame all built up! Well done with the stats, I can't imagine running that much!