26 April 2009

i love holidays, me

Is it really April? A whole week in north Wales with no rain and sun tan lines.

In no particular order.....
a fell race
a couple of bike rides
several walks
2 pre-breakfast summits
some hilly runs
an obscene amount of cake

Thanks to the OP's for great company and excellent food. Looking forward to next years Gout Club-on tour!

...also squeezed in an interview back in Nottingham. Unsuccessful but at least I got some positive feed back this time.


Red Bike said...

I am begning to thing you should change your name to Hills and cake.

Why do all good views have to be so high up?

Sorry to hear the interview wasn't successful.

kate said...

thanks jon :)

Martin Rye said...

Good time all round then. Keep job hunting and you will get there.

ultra collie said...

sounds like holiday bliss kate :)

stuff the job..they weren't what you were after anyway..just good interview practice!

kate said...

thanks guys-excellent holiday certainly took the edge off the disappointing interview. at least i have a job!

Iain said...

Was wondering why your blog had gone quiet. Sounds like a great week away. The Rhinogs are a tough range.

trio said...

What are OP's?

kate said...

iain-i love the rhinogs, really good for navigation practice!
trio-that would be who ;) jane's family

trio said...

Why O{'s and not outlaws?