02 June 2009

thank you

i probably shouldn't be so surprised by all the kind words.

fellow bloggers have been very supportive through my training whinges and many other trivial matters that i complain about. but it really does mean a lot and i'm genuinely touched. thank you. work's a bit weird as i spend all day talking to frail old people. then come home and the last thing i feel like doing is talking to family.

went for a quick ride straight after work with Simon. it was so refreshing to think of nothing but burning quads and dust in my eyes. my hands are still tingling from nettle stings.

unfortunately chris was supposed to join us but had been knocked off his bike this morning by a police officer opening a car door on him. he's sustained an open fracture to his shoulder and some tendon damage and is being operated on this evening. hopefully he'll be back home tomorrow...quick healing chris....


Red Bike said...

I hope he recovers soon.

Groover said...

Car doors. I'm always worried about them. Hope Chris recovers quickly.

Glad to hear that you got a good ride in.

trio said...

Poor Chris hope he recovers quickly!!!

I have to say it did make me giggle it was a police officer! I'll assume he has insurance!

Oh and tell simon to stop eyeing up his bikes!

sally in norfolk said...

its amazing how kind bloggers can be..people you dont even know :-)