30 July 2009

a wild goose chase

this evening i attempted to take jane on one of our local loops. normally i'm just concentrating on either not falling off or trying to keep up. very rarely do i ride at the front and today it showed.

there were lots of bits of trail that i remembered, it was just the bits in between that were causing problems. having a map only made matters worse. not only that i punctured and jane had a very close call with a car at a crossing point. at least it didn't rain. in fact it was a lovely summer's evening. not sure how it turned into the worst ride ever. this may have been the 'make or break' ride....*

*for jane and biking that is!


Red Bike said...

Hopefully Sunday will be the 'make' ride.

Chris said...

Oh dear! - you should have played with us....except my BB seized at the furthest point from home :-(

Simon had to race home and get the team car.

Maybe it's BB seizing season!

I never know where I've been if I'm following.

bettymountaingirl said...

I love how you always add- at least it didn't rain. That is always a bonus!

kate said...

red- fingers crossed, no pressure ;)

chris-eek! .....expensive :(

betty- in the uk it certainly is!