31 July 2009

i went for a run

finished my last ever 7 day stint at the workhouse.

the snooze button has been winning all week, so there were no early morning pavement poundings. but with legs like lead jelly and rasping lungs i dragged myself out this evening.

despite the cool air i sweated my way up the normally easy rise. breathing in deep the bus fumes. my heart was thumping and my knees ached. an hour of dodging potholes and nipping between parked cars. i've missed the simple pleasure of running.

trainer tune: 'tickle me pink' johnny flynn


Red Bike said...

This one?
I'm loving this tune of the run bit!

kate said...

think the link's disappeared

Runningbear said...

Good to hear you back to it Kate. Nothing like a lungful of fumes to perk you up.

Your freedom plan is an inspiration. When do you start as a trainee Nursie?

kate said...

thanks rb :) new job starts in a few weeks-as a nursing assistant, uni. application in sept. can't wait!