02 August 2009

the make or break ride

today i enlisted a crack team of bikers to help convince jane that despite her not being able to run at the moment, a great deal of muddy, sweaty fun could be had.

simon-fixie speed demon and default ride leader
lucy-fearless and invincible, she needs her own theme tune
jumbly-jane's trusted running partner, who also needed to re-visit the route
red-monster mileage and hill repeats
me-crossing my fingers and hoping jane doesn't fall off

the only slight problem being jane has only really ridden at sherwood pines, which couldn't be more different from the testing rock strewn hills of the dark peak. oh, and she doesn't have a working bike so was riding mine-a rigid single speed.

the weather gods were also on our side and willing jane on. however, the god of rear mechs wasn't and soon lucy was also singlespeeding. the ride must go on. and on we rode/pushed/rode/pushed/dabbed/rode. (some of us also cartwheeled and squeaked)

a disparate group of folks who, without bikes wouldn't know one another, came together to ride and share the love of two wheels. jane's verdict on biking is still out but she really enjoyed the company. i think we might see her out again. and next time i promise not to bring lard cake.


Red Bike said...

But will Jane be running behind or riding next time?

Riding a rigid single speed in the peaks wa a bapttism of fire.

jumbly said...

I hope Jane didn't end up thinking it was a good walk/run ruined by having a bike. I thought it was a top day out, apart, obviously, from the cake disappointment ;0)

Groover said...

What's with that cake-disappointment business? I don't really believe cake could be disappointing, I mean, any cake, really? Kate, ghee, you have to live up to your blog title. :-)

Jane said...

I did have a lovely time - but not quite converted yet!

bettymountaingirl said...

heck she did well considering she was single speeding the whole way! I guess the biking gods were trying to even the score with the second impromtu single speed bike. sounds like a fun ride, nonetheless!

kate said...

thanks betty....maybe i should have let her have gears for the first one though ;)