01 August 2009

a lovely, lazy saturday

i woke with a slight brownie 'hangover'. papers and breakfast in bed with fi glover (on the radio). some more coffee and then to town to buy some chain ring bolts.

this is what was in my bag by the time i got home:
1 magazine
1 bargain toblerone (£1.50!!)
1 bivvy bag-also a bargain
1 alpine bowl
1 titanium mug
100g dates for experimental cake
100g pecans also for cake
£1 worth of sugary treats
and best of all a half price ice axe

bike shop had sold out of chain ring bolts.


Groover said...

Wow, Kate, not a bad effort to come home with all these and not the one item that you went out for. :-) Ice axe? Thought it was summer in England?

Martin Rye said...

Why the Ice Axe. Winter plans are ??

trio said...

Bivvy bag? You already have one?

I think I need a ti mug as well!

Runningbear said...

Ha ha! How did that all get in there then? At least you get fresh air when you go shopping, I just stare at a screen and press buttons. Much more dangerous! : )

kate said...

groover- you obviously haven't experienced first hand the uk climate ;)

martin- nothing specific planned, just hope to get out in the snow. and it was only £30!!

trio- bivvy is for red!

rb- some fresh air...we took the bus and had lots of coffee stops :)

trio said...

red said he had bought a bivvy, I didn't realise he had sent you shopping for him!!!

kate said...

i charge an hourly rate if you need anything ;)

bettymountaingirl said...

hehe- I love that you came back with everything- even an ice axe- but what you set out for!