16 September 2009


hi, my name's kate bauer, i work for the nhs. i'm about to have a really bad day-actually i'll stop with the '24' simile as it's a bit rubbish and doesn't really work, particularly as i've just had a pretty good day:

16:30 corporate induction training finishes. grab bike and rush home
16:50 inhale a tin of beans
16:53 change brake pads
17:20 swear and ask why, oh why, can't i do the simplest of bike tasks
17:30 jane arrives home and bears the brunt of 'mechanics'
17:35 pack ride-bivvy bag
18:15 realise that i'll have to use other bike (blackie). hope the route's not too hilly as it's 44:16
18:35 apologise and say good bye, 'cos i'm off on a 'skool nite adventure'
18:55 arrive with simon at chris' house
19:00 visit family bathroom. say hi to small children
19:05 and we're on the road
19:15 now we're on the canal. it's flat and straight, 44:16 is going well

19:45 encounter 'path closed' fencing. decide that we can climb round and over
20:15 still on the canal. it's very flat. it's very straight. in the dark still night it's hard to tell if we're actually moving
21:10 pub
21:40 second round ordered
22:10 leave pub with warnings of local panther!
22:15 encounter first 'proper' hill. walk
22:35 entering the woods, off road and riding
22:55 bivvy spot selected
23:00 jaffa cakes washed down with hot chocolate and whiskey
23:55 late night chatter fades and beds get made
00:30 get up for a wee

06:00 woken up by alarm 'emergency'-can't believe what a good nights sleep i've had
06:18 rollin' and enjoying last nights hill
06:55 enjoy the warmth of the morning sun
08:15 at chris' house. start to realise i might be late for work
08:38 home. wash. dress. banana.
08:54 get back on bike and head for work-it's all downhill
09:06 sneak into the back of the training room. 6mins late but unnoticed
16:30 another day of corporate induction completed
16:45 sat of the sofa with tea and chocolate. feeling a bit smug


Ian Charters said...

Smugness well earned, I'd say

Red Bike said...

So thats why I got a txt at 23:00; and to think I was feeling sorry for you. I thought you'd just got back in from work having done the night shift whereas you were actually out bivvying without me! - Pffft.

Chris said...

This is where we went!


Must add 'ate bacon sandwiches and drank coffee' in there somewhere next time.

Good job you arranged the fox call alarm too, otherwise I would still be there!

I didn't meet anyone else who had slept in the woods today.

Great adventure!

ultra collie said...

you rock!

kate said...

ian-couldn't agree more!

red-night shift's finish at 7.30 am ;)

chris- yep, no one i asked had slept in the woods either. next time we'll finish nearer my house ;)

uc-why, thank you ;)

Red Bike said...

There was bacon sandwiches and coffee too!!

- Now hideously jealous.

jumbly said...

Nicely done, bagging an adventure on a school night.

trio said...

So cool, so jealous!

Runningbear said...

I feel like a fake reading your blog. You do have proper adventures. Even on school nights. You definitely rock. RB

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

you make me feel lame! can't believe you go bivvy adventuring on school nights! so cool!

my night rides are usually over by 9.30pm and no pub included!

must try harder. you've inspired me. again. :)

Chas said...

Excellent! You you treat corporate bull with the disdain it deserves.

kate said...

jumbly- it's the one advantage of working ;)

trio- we did joke that you'd have probably biked over if you'd known!

rb- lol! you're too busy being a professional athlete ;)

ppc- no pub!! tell you take whiskey with you.

chas- i know! nearly an hour on food hygene and just 30 min on care of the dying. i've already blocked out the hours of 'where our trust is going'....

Groover said...

So cool!

kate said...

groover- it's the only way i can get up early and on the bike ;)