30 September 2009


today i have mostly been tidying up (after jane) and doing boring house things that don't get done when you've been away for the past few weekends. i've also been thinking about the rab. the results are up, 9/19 finishers. not quite as bad as i'd thought. but on both days there were checkpoints that i could and should have got but decided against. thinking that i'd be late back or lacking the will power to go back down into the valley to come all the way back up again. those 60 points would have made a big difference but i guess most people are saying the same with hindsight. next year....

a nice easy run with jane tonight. she's getting quicker. i'm going to have to start taking this training lark more seriously.


trio said...

Can you come and do my house, slowly I am getting there, but it is slow. A summer of races was too much for it!

I'll always remember my first run with Ali when she said she had to work I felt so good. Now to get back to that level.

Great result at the rab!

Julbags said...

On the flip side what if you had gone for the points and miscalculated and got back late.......then lost the lot.

Jez and Stu did that once in a Polaris, had a corking day racking up points but miscalculated the last checkpoint and got back late and lost all points for the day. Made for a very downbeat camp and an eventual early finish second day.

You had a great result.

kate said...

trio- racing and housework are not compatible! won't be long before you're back to running-just build up slowly ;)

julbags- cheers but with hindsight there was enough time, my brain was just too tired to realise. i bet they've never made that mistake again!

Julbags said...

They had competed in many Polaris events before that whopping mistake which was why it was so gutting for them!

Speaking to Jez on the phone at the camp he was so down as they really should have known better but as you say tired body and tired brain. What was unusual is that both agreed to go for it, normally one of them managed to be realistic.

It's all experience though and will come in useful for the future.

Red Bike said...

I'm really hating this house work stuff. - Grrrr.

kate said...

red- at least you only have to clean up after yourself ;)