27 September 2009

rab mountain marathon

or the race that bit me in the ass. what was i thinking? yeh, i've done a few mountain marathons, i can read a map, not too slow on the hills, all the gear but wait for it, no idea!! yes, that's right doing a mountain marathon solo is tough. really tough. i can't believe i was so blase about it.

i can cope with physical discomfort and even pain. my great 'talent' is being able to switch off my brain and just keep slowly podding on. only you can't switch off in this type of score event. constant calculations and re-calculations about time/distance/route/points need to be made. and if you're late back you lose and you can lose big. no slow plodding allowed and don't bite off more than you can chew.

many, many lessons learned and promises to self made. i know what i need to do. however, what's great about this hobby, is despite feeling a little embarrassed by my 'performance' i got to spend the weekend in stunning scenery, in a part of the country i've never visited, with great company and pushed myself harder than i have done in a long time. oh, and i saw my first ever cloud inversion. the blisters, cramp and screaming thighs are all worth it.

at least mountain rescue wasn't called out and i don't think i was last. for a much more descriptive and less navel gazing post, click to read vikki's race report. she was running with jane and therefore got to sleep with my girlfriend last night-just to make matters even more humiliating!


Martin Rye said...

Chin up with all the pain and stuff. You did great. Solo, new area to see and a cloud inversion. Rare things in my world. Lucky you :)

Groover said...

Oh Kate, it can't have been humiliating because you did it and just being out there and soloing it is awesome! I know how it feels of disappointment when you fall short of your own expectations but, hey, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Well done, girl!

jumbly said...

A bit of navel gazing and you'll perk up and be ready for giving the whole solo thing another go!

ultra collie said...

sounds like you have great 'british' resolve and a triuph over adversity. you can laugh about it now ;)

trio said...

So was it a lot harder than pairs?

Are you admitting that Jane usually does the navigation and you follow?

Jo said...
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Jo said...

C'mon Kate - you ROCK* just for trying it! Pushing brain and body at the same time like that is (I imagine!) a very tricky thing.

Well done, and love the look on your face in that photo, it's given me a laugh on a Monday morning, so thank you!

* copyright Merkans

Holdfast said...

Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.
- Abraham Lincoln -

You set your own high standards and even though you didn't achieve them I reckon, given a couple of days for the muscle soreness to subside, you'll be smiling and laughing about the experience and planning for next year!

Red Bike said...

Poor Teakate.

I was thinking of you out there enjoying yourself running on the hills while I was doing my painting!

Red Bike said...

BTW. I'm seriously impressed!

Count me in for the winter training runs; but having read yours and Vikkies blog this is one type of event I wont be entering in a hurry!

Anonymous said...

Solo? Wow! I didn't realise that was even possible.

Major kudos to you for getting out and doing it. Sounds like a fantastic achievement to me :)

(Great photo, btw. LOL!)

Runningbear said...

Love the pics Kate - I think you've captured the feel of the terrain well. I think your efforts are an inspiration & pretty courageous, particularly to road softies like me! I've only ever done the Saunders in experienced company and that was tough enough. Well done for going for it - you both deserve lots of lovely, foody rewards to replenish those depleted muscles ; ) Rb.

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

big cyber hug Kate x I was thinking about you all this weekend.

Anthony said...

Well done! Its tough as a solo but I think you did great.

Good to see you, Jane and Jumbly

Remember, too much navel gazing will only reveal fluff.

Chas said...

Sounds like a good "learning experience" as these events always are. Great for having a go! We failed to start due to my "dodgy" ankle which I'm pleased to say is well enough to be tested on the hills after 2 weeks rest and cycling only.

kate said...

martin- you're right. still smiling at the cloud inversion

groover- thanks :) as long as i don't think about what could have been...

jumbly- believe it or not plans were being made on the journey home for next years attempt!

trio- it's such a different beast. no one to motivate, to double check, to share the gear etc.... jane does her fair share of navigating ;)

jo- glad you're laughing ;) f**k yeh!

holdfast- thanks for that :) i'm currently planning my next 'failure'

red- cheers! but despite what it sounds like i did have fun!

peewiglet- thanks so much. nothing like crossing scotland on your own though ;)

rb- i think the foodie treats may have led to some of my difficulties ;) i bet you'd be great at mm's

ppc- ah, thanks :) strangely i thought of you and how little climbing there is in the howgills, just grassy walls of doom!

anthony- thanks mate :)so what were the scores on the doors? update your blog!! good to see you too :)

chas- it certainly was! hope you're back to running soon. are you going to the omm?

Chas said...

No not doin OMM....clashes with 1/2term hols! Had a go in 2007 and 2008 tho.

kate said...

chase- ooooh, the infamous '08 omm ;) maybe see you out on the fells some time in the future

Chas said...

Actually 06 and 07 when I think about it. Looked at the forecast in 08 and thought "no thanks"! Achhilles playing up still so no running for one month for me! boo hoo!