15 October 2009

cheeky postie

thanks to stw classifieds, i've had some (very) early birthday presents and the scandal's diet is nearly over. even the postie commented "oh, another part for your bike"!!

no doubt there will be further posts about my skillful spannering.


Red Bike said...

That bike was mega light before! The only thing lighter than your bike was the weight of your bag.

You do realise to save weight you will now have to go to extreme messures. Drilling weight saving holes in the Jelly babies.

Julbags said...

My "lifetime" SKF ISIS BB has died so I've just ordered some nice shiny new cranks today (bye bye ISIS rubbish BBs) to compensate. I've been hankering after a new frame recently so hopefully this will calm the bling demon for a while.

Carbon Bars?

chris said...

Hey, thats's my bike only smaller!

Uno looks hardly used :-)

They are square taper, aren't they!?

Might have a forth hand easton carbon seat post coming back from alex - don't hold your breath tho!

See you soon ;-)

kate said...

red- no, my bag was heavier than my bike ;)

julbags- yes, lovely and carbon. i like the fact that a broken bb might lead to a new frame :)

chris- yes, definitely square taper. just need a squeaky bb to go with it now ;)

Julbags said...

Erm, there is no might about it.....pesky On One and their offers.

Julbags said...
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jumbly said...

kate - I already feel sorry for Jane for when the spannering commences ;0)

julbags - you may not be the only one that crumbled under the pressure of on-one offers.

kate said...

jumbly- spannering will take place on monday, jane will be at work. hopefully she'll miss the whole episode! ....has glyn got a new bike ;)

Thunder In The Night said...

The teeth on that chain-ring look hungry for knuckles!

kate said...

don't worry, i've got my hacksaw at the ready ;)