13 October 2009


work is good. even better if you get to sneak out a few minutes early. better still if the ride is starting just across the road. can it get any better? well, it didn't rain, the air was warm, trails dry and fast. there was a new face, an old face, a fast pace. plenty of chat and a whiskey stop. the only problem is trying to switch my brain off and get to sleep. work in less than 8 hours....


ultra collie said...

perfect happy lovely weather :)

trio said...

I know that feeling, buzing after a night ride!

Red Bike said...

For a moment I thought this was going to be another school night bivvy post. My last night ride killed my lights but i'm itching to get out again.

Which reminds me. Which lights would you recommend for MTBing that have a good 10hours run time (so I can commute and do a night ride on one charge.) and cost sub £200?

starfish264 said...

Fab - sounds awesome!

(laughing - I also like the way you drop into semi-poetry about this) :o)

jumbly said...

commute.work.ride. some good time management skillz you've got going on there. nicely done!

chris said...

Great ride!

I slept fine - you need to have more whiskey next time!

Hope you don't fall asleep in the middle of a cannula ;-)

Red - what about the LUU lights from On-one? They seem like a bargain. I ride with the Hope 4's which are great but £230.

Red Bike said...

Thanks Chris. I'm not going to nab Teakates blog anymore.

It looks like its either the LUU or the Exposure Race Maxx.
My order will be in as soon as Teakate answers.

Fat Lad said...

Kate clearly you're not riding hard enough if you can't sleep after the ride ;)

Red Bike - We've got the Race Maxx in for £290 where I work :)

Fat Lad

kate said...

uc- shhhh, the weather gods will hear!

trio- i love it and hate it at the same time-well only when i've got work the next day

red- the problem with having decent off road lighting for 10hrs is it's going to be expensive. you'll need and extra battery. most 'top end' lights only last for 3-4 hours. that's why i use a dinotte light, as it takes AA batteries. much cheaper/lighter but certainly not as bright. but bright enough for me. i also use an exposure joystick, as i like to have a light on the bars as well as my helmet. this seems to work for about 3.5hrs on full. which is enough for a normal night ride. so, to conclude it's the battery that's expensive. maybe get a slightly cheaper light and a spare battery?

starfish- wouldn't quite work with an exercise bike ;)

jumbly- made up for 'sitting on my ass monday' ;)

chris- more whiskey and more food next time!

fat lad- thanks for the motivation ;)

Red Bike said...

Thanks Kate. The decision has been made. I'm going to try and buy a secondhand Exposure Enduro Maxx and an extra battery pack.

I wont be going Strathpuffer (didn't even make it on the waiting list) but maybe my extra battery can. Doubling the run time of you joystick.

kate said...

red- thank you :)