26 October 2009

the omm: bog-o-rama

joints still ache, trainers still muddy, first load of washing done and ibuprofen still being swallowed (by jane). we went with expectations of grueling ups and thigh burning downs. there were weather warnings all week for heavy rain and gails. we had visions of reaching mid camp in the dark, not making it in the allotted time and even 'dnf'ing.

none of these things happened. ok, so there were some hills but they were short and sweet. the rain did fall but nothing torrential. what we hadn't expected was the endless stretches of bog and tussocks, tussocky bog and boggy tussocks. despite being told that this is what the elan valley would be like-no one can prepare you for the shear vastness of moorland dampness!

despite our reservations we did ourselves proud, especially jane. who, yet again, surprised me with her toughness. when i was tiring she was there to play coach and get me back in the game, when i was getting bored of bog hopping, she kept me focused. the mid camp was a test of kit and resolve, with heavy showers and blustery winds. and a very long and muddy toilet que.

we were 'lucky' that we had late start times on both days. the clagg had lifted and navigation consisted mainly of following the muddy trods that weaved their way around the grassy mounds to the next check point.

in some ways i feel a little disappointed that there wasn't more route choice but i've come to the realisation that with the omm, the challenge lies with the 'score' catigories. so, maybe next year a different class but for now we can feel pleased to have completed our first omm and b class at that.

over all we came 93/191 of finishers and 5/11 in the female teams.


Richard said...

Well done you two. Great result.

ultra collie said...

nice one both of you
i bet you hummed after all that bog action ;)

trio said...

Great result! You rock girls!

Red Bike said...

Well done ladies. Fantastic result.

BTW, There doesn't look anything short about those hills. They do look Sweet though!

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

Brill result well done to you both!

My mate Jeff from sleepmonsters said he never wants to see another tussock in his life and he's hardcore ;)

You should both be really proud of yourselves.

Runningbear said...

Well done Kate. I'm impressed at how you're racking up these MMs. You'll be developing your own permanent brown sock tattoos after all that bog trottin'. Nice ;)

jumbly said...

Well done, glad you not only survived but did well and had a jolly time. Tussock-tastic!

emmilou said...

Well done! Sounds like fun fun fun!!! :-)

sally in norfolk said...

very well done :-)

Martin Rye said...

Well done and it looks a wild place to walk over let alone run.

Jenn said...

Belated congrats. Midcamp results were enjoyed with Saturday's decidedly un-midcamp-like tea :-)

kate said...

rich- cheers :)

uc- that reminds me, my trainers still need washing-eek!

trio- thanks, from both of us :)

red- thank you! the hills did have a certain stinky peaty smell ;)

ppc- thanks! still having tussock flashbacks!

rb- i was dreaming of canal paths as we bog trotted ;)

jumbly- cheers mate! fortunately your head torch wasn't needed :)

emmilou- the days were fun but i was very gld to be sleeping in a bed on sunday night ;)

sally- thank you!

martin- i think you'd like there, very few paths and even fewer people!

jenn- cheers! but i don't believe your tea could have been tastier than my tepid and slightly crunchy pot noodle, enjoyed in a cramp and gradually dampening tent ;)

Ian Charters said...

Love the last pic!

Great result, well done both :)

kate said...

ian- thanks! last shot was fittingly also the last hill-you can tell by jane's face!