18 October 2009

skin loss

can't type much. fingers too raw. a great morning at burbage south with a very patient and gracious teacher.

i'm still amazed that adele agreed to take a bunch of weirdo's (well, vikki and jon) off the interent before even vetting us. hope we didn't scare her off!

bouldering on actual factual rock is brilliant, i don't know why it's taken me so long to get outside.


trio said...

So you don't count yourself as a weirdo off the interweb?

peewiglet said...

can't type much. fingers too raw.


Having said that, it sounds brilliant. I'd like to try bouldering at some stage, but I'm so height-phobic that even standing on a chair makes my head swim *g*

starfish264 said...

hee hee - I with peewiglet - the last time I tried climbing (well, Via Ferrata in the Alps - does that count?) I nearly cried I was so scared. And then they told me there was no way out so had to keep going .... not happy!!

I think my climbing days might be firmly behind me ... or just by-passed me all together! Although it's funny how abseiling down waterfalls out canyoning doesn't bother me ... strange!

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

glad you enjoyed it Kate. Happy to take you outside climbing again ( well until you start out climbing me ;) which won't be long )

Red Bike said...

Trying to click the mouse this morning isn't funny. I've resulted to using my thumb.

Thank you for a great day.

jumbly said...

We must formulate adding some rock time into the top secret winter training programme.

kate said...

trio- me, weird-never!

peewiglet- that's what's great about bouldering-the lack of height ;)

starfish- i'm beginning to get the impression you're a bit of a secret adventurer. via ferrate is supper scary!

ppc- you're a great teacher but i'm a long way off the one handed style ;)

red- maybe you should wear your gloves ;)

jumbly- sshhhh! ;)