20 November 2009


i've never really thought about the work of henry moore before. it's almost that it's so ubiquitous i haven't noticed. previously i've been drawn to more conceptual art. objects that shock and ideas that polarise. but that was when i was a teenage art student.

you'd never catch me on a bike back then, let alone a damp fell side. but through running and biking i'm discovering a love of wild places. seeing landscapes as potential adventures. putting myself against nature and reveling in the sense of insignificance that brings. the frailty of life and the exhilaration of living.

i wasn't expecting these feelings to bubble to the surface today. almost like a jolt of clarity and inspiration. if you're in the area, go to the yorkshire sculpture park. if not, make plans. i'm certainly going back.


ultra collie said...

beautifully penned kate

Chas said...

Nice article! We've had some great times at YSP too. Sculpture in the environment is (for me) often more exciting than in the white cube of a gallery space. Andy Goldsworthy (he of the Lake District sheep pens) and Richard Long spring to mind. Are you running the Tour de Pendle? If so good luck-the clag is well down here in the South Pennines!

kate said...

uc- thank you. had to use my brain a bit yesterday ;)

chas- will have to look those guys up. heard of AG but never properly looked. just got back from ToP and all smiles and aches :)

Groover said...

Didn't know you were an art student. Love the post, Kate.

Fat Lad said...

We've got a ride that goes through the sculpture park, you'll have to come up some time and join us on it

Fat Lad

kate said...

fat lad- i'll have to take you up on that sometime. i was saying to jane that if we lived near by it would have to feature in a night ride!