12 December 2009

rest works!!!!

since the fateful 'mince pie' ride i've been feeling a bit coldy. nose and eyes both equally leaky, making breathing a little difficult. apart from going to work all i've done is rest.

a crisp, clear morning. lungs burning, breathing labored, heart rate spiking but legs positively zippy. 8m done and dusted.

trainer tune: don't make waves, the gossip


Runningbear said...

those mince pies are not to be messed with. had 3 on friday and not felt the same since.good to see the plan taking shape. keep it up kenny

trio said...

Glad you were sensible and rested! Lovely day for a long run!

ultra collie said...

3 days rest? i might just have to follow your lead!

Groover said...

Eight mile run is not quite my idea of resting, girl! Take it easy. Get better soon.

By the way - love the sleeping bag picture from the previous post! :-)