13 December 2009

wk3 'the plan' round up

despite having a cold for half the week all sessions have been completed, plus 2 bonus bike rides. strangely i've found, not doing things this week quite difficult. normally i can easily lazy about but the combination of good weather and enforced low mileage has caused a few 'mood swings'. very unlike me -not the mood swings- but the not doing what i want. i think this is where i've previously given up on training programs. doing too much too soon and either getting injured or losing motivation. but i am learning...photo is taken from back garden, wondering what the fells would be like today.

a tenth of the way through, only 27 weeks to go!


trio said...

Well Done for sticking to the plan! I admire that, I would really struggle. One rest day a week nearly kills me off at the moment!

Love how a 12 mile run followed by an 8 mile run is low mileage!

kate said...

cheers. this weeks mileage was low compared to previous. think you're looking at next weeks plan

trio said...

Oh yes it was an easy week. I have them sometimes, even with 8 hours riding it feels like I have done nothing! Odd but you do feel stronger after!

Red Bike said...

I'm sure it will be worth it in the end.

I've been ill for the last week. I'm trying not to go nuts this week but i'm dying for a long ride.

kate said...

red- sorry to hear you've been poorly, sounds like you managed a good ride on sunday though :)