25 January 2010

socks pulled up

after reading swiss's insightful comments to my last post, i had a bit of a talking to myself- after finishing my second peanut butter and orange biscuit, freshly bake yesterday. in fact, due to all the supportive comments i've had since ol' fat leg turned up, i realised that i've just got to get on with things.

tea and biscuits finished and off to town for some retail therapy, gaiters for forth coming trip. for some reason i don't mind running with cold wet legs but walking like that just seems uncivilized. back home and trainers on. made sure the run wasn't too 'easy'. tasted metal and sweat stung my eyes. but feeling a lot better than i did 12 hours ago.

thanks for all the good advice and support over the past few week fellow blogites. i promise to be less whingy and repetitive....for a few days at least.


trio said...

I think you are allowed to whinge! I am sure J prefers you winge on here than to her.

SO the 5m easy became hard did it?

Simon Lewis said...

Well done for getting out there. You get one done and it all seems better. I find this especially true with Monday's run. Getting the week off to a flyer always helps me feel positive.

Red Bike said...

Go Teakate go.
Gald your back in your stride.

Shelly said...

Yay! Mind over matter is the key; it'll get you 95 miles even :)

ultra collie said...

goint to the lakes eh. jealous? me?

if you can walk the fells you can run them..well at least the flats and downs ;)

Thunder In The Night said...

That's more like it! No one likes a cry baby! ;-)

Pedalling Polarcherry said...

That's more like it! No one likes a cry baby! ;-)

pmsl ! yeah Kate what he said ;)

Charlie said...

Good that you are feeling positive again. I am at work again, we are short of staff again and Clare is at home gardening. I am looking forward to bike ride home++++.

jumbly said...

I believe T.I.T.N has spoken for us all!

Julbags said...

Lol at cry baby!

Gaiters! Something I thought I'd never own but snow up trouser leg whilst walking is no fun.

Ice axes and crampons at the ready?

kate said...

trio- j think you don't even know the half of it ;) and yeh, easy turned to hard :)

simon- cheers! glad to see your training is going well

red- almost....

shelly- that's what i'm kinda hoping ;)

uc- don't worry there will be running!

charlie- i have yet to work on a fully staffed ward ;) hope the commute worked wonders!

and as for the rest of you....well... i'm telling my mum ;)

trio said...

I can imagine! I think getting J and A together a bad idea. Make it worse by adding Glyn!

Anonymous said...

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Simon Lewis said...

If you get rich, can you buy me a new bike?

Runningbear said...

Good to hear fat leg held up so well on your run. Will you be able to get those gaiters on?
Back to it girl, looking forward to reading more of your running toils..

Groover said...

Kate - Be as whingy and repetitive as you need to be as long as it helps you get through. We can handle it. :-)

Mmmh, peanut and orange biscuits! You wouldn't have the recipe by any chance? My Mum'll be back from Cairns this afternoon. LOL