23 February 2010

i think i might be a feeder

there's something innately pleasing about taking raw ingredients and creating something sweet (and sometimes wholesome too). i'm always amazed at how butter and sugar can combine into a thick creamy paste. all that's needed is a bit of force. that's the bit i can do. the gentle folding of flour is a technique i've yet to master. i can't separate egg whites either. oh, and i'm quite lackadaisical about strictly following a recipe. i hate using the sieve too. i'm really good at licking the spoon clean though.

for the past two days the smell of freshly baked bread and burnt currents has lingered in the air. i've been binge baking. i don't know what's caused this, maybe the purchase of the china tea cup. or maybe, because it's just so satisfying. but the most pleasing part is the sharing. even the blackened edges of the tea loaf taste good when there's two of you.


jumbly said...

I found losing my Nan really brought out the baker in me. I don't believe in Gods or do religion but every time I make a cake I feel like I'm making a connection with her by keeping something going that she started in me. Baking, being outdoors and having someone to share it all with, them's the good bits of life alright!

Red Bike said...

cake, cake, c a k e, C A K E !!


Pedalling Polarcherry said...

lovely written post Kate, I really understand where your coming from.

Joe said...

You need one of these:


(I have a cheapy plastic version)

They work a treat!

Emma said...

just crack the egg and pour the white through your finger tips leaving the yolk in your hand....easy peasy! :-)

Ian Charters said...

Great post Kate!

While your next cake is cooling have a look at http://www.westhighlandwayrace.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=10

Simon Lewis said...

Cooking in general and baking in particular are fabulous passtimes. And cooking and baking for others is such a joy. I often bake cakes for friends and have become known for it. Take a cake round a friends house and they are always pleased to see you.

kate said...

jumbly- it's lovely that you can still feel that connection with your nan. i remember that post you wrote a while ago, really touching.

red- YES!

ppc- thanks, i don't think i could quite put it into words but i'm glad you 'got it'

joe- you are definitely the guy to know, does it come in merino?

emma- i think you might the domestic goddess around here ;)

ian- cheers and thanks for the slightly terrifying link ;)

simon- yep, it is. what's your 'specialty'?

Simon Lewis said...

I'm a big fruit cake fan. My favourite is a porter (beer) fruit cake. It is so so good. I have been know to make one and eat it all myself.

kate said...

sound lovely. and fruit cake travels very well and seems to withstand jersey pockets ;)