24 February 2010

the resolution ride

fellow blogger and tweeter, fatlad, aka al, posted a pretty cool set of 'not resolutions but goals', in the new year. once a month he wants to meet up with a stranger/weirdo/tinternet freak and ride in new places. an ace idea. i was, erm, his february ride...

with the excellent guiding skills of simon, who's local knowledge and factoids never cease to amaze me, we took al on one of our night ride loops. showing someone your local trails turns you into a bit of an anxious parent. what will they think, is it worth the drive, will they notice that really long boring road section, is that twisty bit of off camber vanishing trail really that good? oh, and will they notice quite how burnt the tea loaf is.

i'll let al answer those questions. i had a great ride and had the opportunity to ride from the door in day light. my eyes were opened in more ways than one. it's not often that you get the chance to really appreciate what you've got on your doorstep. we don't have massive drop offs, steep technical climbs, or boulder strewn descents. but 10 minutes from the front door, is fast and zippy wooded singletrack. and just a few pedals more, rolling humps of oak tree lined trails, linked together with just a 'little' bit of road.

thanks simon, for choosing the choicest bits and thanks to al for making me see what we've got and having the genius idea in the first place. if you ride and are reading this, help a thoroughly lovely chap stick to his 'not a resolution but goal', i guarantee fun.


SS:Mtn Biker said...

Sounds like a grand idea (the meeting on new friends in new riding places)! And sounds like you had a grand ole time as well :)

Sorry I've been away/off the blogger for a little while...lots going on 'round here (and currently down with a torn back muscle...same one I tore while riding-OK,crashing,LOL!-last year,LOL!). I'm very happy to see you're doing well and riding :)


Simon said...

It was a great day! Although I checked my ride diary and I usually get around that loop in 3 hours solo on the Pomp... I liked finishing in the twilight though :-)

Red Bike said...

Sounds wonderful to me. I hate the technical bits and drops.

kate said...

steve- it's a great idea. you should try it over there. sorry to hear about your back, you're certainly due some good luck soon :)

simon- thanks again for leading/dragging us round! of course you're fast you have the bbitw :)

red- probably very similar riding to your local stuff

Fat Lad said...

ace ride with fantastic company. I'm typing up my ride report now and it's already making me grin reliving it :)

Fat Lad

ultra collie said...

you're right about the 'on your doorstep' thing
reckon he came for cake really

kate said...

fat lad- great to meet you :)

uc- i think you might be right ;)